Fishing Charters

Greece being part of the Mediterranean sea and its location, provides a spectacular, natural sea paradise for those who are fond of navigation and fishing. Go fishing with us and experience the majestic environment and absolute freedom. Relax with friends and family.



Trolling offshore for tuna swordfish etc. Bluefin tuna and swordfish are protected species and this is the reason why we fish in accordance with the IGFA regulations. (gripping and release)


Bottom Fishing

Enjoy exhilarating fishing that has many alternatives such as Pandora, squid, black seabream, gilt-head, white seabream and more.


Technics with live bait

Trolling using live bait or fresh almost on all fish: snapper, dusky grouper, dentex, golden grouper, amberjack, white grouper.


Deep Bottom Fishing

For larger fish such as scorpion fish, large eyed dentex, wreckfish, cod fish.



The mediterranenan way of fishing Bluefin tuna is by using fresh bait(sardines or round sardinella) an impresseive fishing for large game and here the IGFA rules apply.


Slow jigging vertical jigging

Fishing with artificial bait for dentex, snapper, dusky grouper, amberjack, golden grouper, white grouper etc deep 40 to 150 meters.


Our Fishing Gear and Sponsors

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